• October 26, 2018

JAL Group and Waseda E-life Providing Chartered Flight for Senior Citizens

Providing a Pleasant Flight Experience to Promote an Active Lifestyle


Japan Airlines (JAL) and Waseda Elderly Health Corporation  today announced a special charter flight package in response to requests from senior citizens who wish to travel by air to local destinations in Japan.

The project, led by the JAL Nadeshiko Lab1 and Waseda E-life2 staff members, aims to promote a healthier and active lifestyle for senior citizens, and contribute to establishing a society which supports senior citizens and their families. Through the research, the JAL Nadeshiko Lab found that the customers of Waseda E-life still have a passion to travel by air, but the anxiety about age/physical fitness limited their travel options. Therefore, JAL and Waseda E-life have collaborated to design a special charter flight package.

In order to reduce any concerns for air travel, the chartered flight will feature certified cabin attendants, who specialize in caring for senior citizens. In addition, a dedicated shuttle service will be provided to and from the airport and to their hotel so passengers having difficulty walking long distances can travel with ease. During the excursion, the staff from Waseda E-life will also accompany the passengers to provide physical/medical support as well.

Through this project, JAL and the Waseda Elderly Health Corporation look to contribute to a healthier and active lifestyle for senior citizens in Japan.

Date: November 3, 2018 (Saturday) to November 4, 2018 (Sunday)
Hotel Accommodation: Hotel and Resorts Beppuwan – Oita Prefecture

About the Project
- Chartered flight allows senior citizens to board the airplane at their own pace (to destination)
- To reduce any travel concerns, Waseda E-life staff will accompany the passengers during the excursion
- Cabin attendants, who are certified to take care of seniors and people with disability, will be on duty
- Inflight exercises3 will be led by JAL, and an original exercise will be led by a sports instructor from Waseda University

(*1) Waseda Elderly Health Corporation - Established in 2004 with an aim to support senior citizens maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by operating 122 fitness gyms across the country.
(*2) JAL Group staff promoting diverse career development strategies for female staff in management positions and encourage engagement in various company-led initiatives.
(*3) Exercises to promote a pleasant inflight experience https://www.jal.co.jp/health/flying/ifex.html




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