• December 14, 2005

JAL and Yahoo! JAPAN Sign Partnership Agreement

- Yahoo! Travel starts handling JAL Group domestic tickets from today -

- Mutual exchange of JMB miles and Yahoo points from next spring -

Tokyo, Thursday December 15: The JAL Group and Yahoo! JAPAN have signed a comprehensive partnership agreement and will jointly start services today.

In the first stage of the agreement, Yahoo! Travel, a comprehensive travel service provider of Yahoo! JAPAN, will start handling reservations and sales of JAL Group domestic tickets from today. The agreement applies only in Japan.

Starting in spring 2006, Yahoo!Travel will start handling reservations and sales of overseas tours, and also start planning and sales of exclusive overseas tours for Yahoo Premium members.

They are considering to handle domestic tours and international tickets in the future.

JAL and Yahoo! JAPAN have also agreed to start mutual exchange of JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) miles and Yahoo! Points from spring 2006. This is the first time that JMB, the JAL frequent flyer programme, has agreed to exchange miles with an Internet service company.

Furthermore, there are plans for partnership in the promotion area, such as promoting JAL-sponsored events in JAL inflight magazines and on Yahoo! JAPAN.

Both parties aim to expand their partnership, and improve customer service through integration of air travel and the Internet.

Details of the comprehensive partnership are as follows.

1. Reservations/purchase of domestic air tickets

Yahoo! Travel started handling reservations/sales of domestic air tickets today, December 15. Customers will be able to check availability of seats, make reservations and purchase tickets. To promote this service, Yahoo! JAPAN ID and JMB membership have been linked up to facilitate input and increase convenience for members of both services. All tickets on domestic routes served by the JAL Group can be purchased.

2. Reservations/purchase of overseas tours (planned next spring)

Starting next spring, Yahoo! Travel plans to start handling reservations and purchase of overseas tours offered by the JAL Group, such as JALPAK.

3. Reservations/purchase of exclusive overseas tours for Yahoo Premium members (planned next spring)

From next spring, tours will be planned and exclusively sold by Yahoo! Travel. They will also handle reservations and sales. Attractive tours are planned, such as auction tours, visits to flea markets and sports events.

Reservations and purchase of domestic tours and international air tickets are also under consideration.

4. Mutual exchange of JMB miles and Yahoo! points(next spring)

From next spring, customers will be able to exchange JMB miles and Yahoo! Points.

JMB miles -> Yahoo! points

Yahoo! points -> JMB miles

10,000 miles -> 10,000 points

2,000 points -> 1,000 miles

 *Starting date and conditions will be announced next spring.


This partnership has been created to meet the various needs of all travelers and Internet users, including the registered members of both parties (JMB registered members: about 17.93 million, Yahoo! JAPAN ID active members: about 14,36 million). JAL, Japan's biggest airline, and Yahoo! JAPAN, with 39.63 million unique customers per month and 1,199 million page views per day, will take advantage of their mutual strengths and start joint services under a comprehensive partnership.


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