• March 01, 2006

JAL Announces New Top Management Line Up

Tokyo, Wednesday March 1, 2006: The Japan Airlines Group today announced changes to its boards of directors, effective April 1st and subject to approval of the annual general meeting of shareholders in late June.

The changes relate to the boards of directors and executive officers of JAL Corporation (the JAL Group holding company) and the two main operating companies, JAL International and JAL Domestic.

JAL board member and senior vice president, Haruka Nishimatsu, 58, is JAL's new CEO designate, subject to the formal approval of the annual general meeting of shareholders in late June (date to be announced). Nishimatsu is currently a member of all three JAL boards as senior vice president, finance and purchasing. Until confirmation as CEO in June he will be promoted from his current post of senior vice president to senior managing director on all three JAL Boards, effective April 1st.

Nishimatsu is a JAL career man and joined the airline in 1972 after graduating in economics from Tokyo University. His JAL career has been predominantly in finance.


Toshiyuki Shinmachi, current JAL Group CEO, is designated chairman, effective from the June 2006 annual shareholders meeting. He remains in his present post as CEO until the shareholders' meeting.

Other new board appointments include the promotion of Kiyoshi Kishida, currently managing director, flight operations of JAL International, to the post of senior managing director, Safety and flight operations, for all three JAL companies.

Fumio Tsuchiya, senior vice president and deputy managing director, corporate planning, JAL Corporation is promoted to managing director, corporate communications and compliance and environment for all three JAL companies. Corporate communications is a soon to be formed new company section, including public relations, investor relations and brand communications.

Among those retiring from the three JAL boards are Katsuo Haneda, executive vice president of the three companies, Hidekazu Nishizuka, senior managing director, Takenori Matsumoto, managing director.

Other retiring board members are: Nobuyoshi Sera from JAL Corporation, Takao Imai, Hiroyasu Omura and from JAL International, and Gentaro Maruyama, and Tetsuo Takahashi from JAL International and JAL Domestic and Masuhisa Yokoyama from JAL Domestic.

Three executive officers will also step down. These are Hideyuki Kanenari, Nobutaka Ishikure and Ichiro Funabashi. Executive officers are responsible for day-to-day operations in the departments they manage but do not have voting rights.

These changes and other board appointments and executive officer changes are being made in preparation for the re-unification of the two main JAL operating companies, JAL International and JAL Domestic, from October 1st 2006.

Another part of that corporate reform is the integration of JAL Sales, the JAL Group passenger sales and marketing company, with JAL International, effective April 1st this year.

Following today's announcement, the total number of JAL board members and executive officers is 36, a decrease of five from the current level.


HARUKA NISHIMATSU - CEO designate, The Japan Airlines Group

Age 58 (d.o.b. January 5, 1948)

March 1972

Graduated from Tokyo University, Faculty of Economics

April 1972

Joined JAL

December 1987

Administration manager JAL Frankfurt office, Germany

August 1991

Manager, Administration, Finance department

August 1992

Manager, Finance department project finance

December 1993

Deputy General Manager, Finance Department

February 1995

Member of business restructuring committee

February 1997

Deputy general manager, Finance administration, Finance department

June 1998

Deputy vice president, Finance department, Japan Airlines

April 1999

Vice President, Finance, Japan Airlines

November 2001

Member of committee to oversee the integration of JAL with Japan Air System, leading to creation of Japan Airlines System Corporation (JAL Group holding company)

October 2002

Vice President, Finance, Japan Airlines System concurrently

Vice President, Finance Planning, Japan Airlines

April 2003

Executive Officer, Finance & Investor Relations JAL System Corporation

June 2004

Executive Officer, Finance, JAL Corporation

Executive Officer, Investor Relations, JAL Corporation

April 2005

Board member, Senior Vice President, JAL Corporation

Executive Officer, Finance

Executive Officer, Purchasing

Board member, JAL International and JAL Domestic

June 2005

Board member, Senior Vice President, JAL Corporation

SVP Finance

SVP Purchasing

Board member, JAL International and JAL Domestic

March 2006

Designated JAL Group CEO


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