• June 28, 2006

Japan Airlines Confirms New Board

- Haruka Nishimatsu Confirmed as New CEO -

Tokyo, Wednesday June 28, 2006: Japan Airlines today confirmed the composition of the board of directors of Japan Airlines Corporation with the election of 18 directors, following the approval of the fourth annual general meeting of shareholders, held today in Tokyo.

The fourth annual general meeting of JAL Corporation shareholders held at the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo, was attended by a record 2,772 participants and lasted 2 hours 54 minutes.

The board composition announced today is confirmation of proposed changes originally announced on March 1st, 2006.

Accordingly, Haruka Nishimatsu, 58, was today elected the JAL Group's new representative CEO and President. Nishimatsu was formerly senior vice president, finance and purchasing.

Toshiyuki Shinmachi, former JAL Group CEO, becomes Group chairman, without representation rights, effective from June 28.

Up to June 28, because of retirements there were only six serving board members of JAL Corporation, the JAL Group holding company. The number of board members has now been increased to a total of 18 directors. The reason for the increase is because of the desire of the management of the JAL Group to integrate the board of directors of JAL Corporation with those of its two main operating companies, Japan Airlines International and Japan Airlines Domestic, which are due to merge on October 1st, 2006. The board integration is being achieved by making each holding company director simultaneously a director and member of the board of one or both of the Group's two main operating companies.

JAL CORPORATION - Board of directors (After annual general meeting of shareholders June 28 2006)



KIYOSHI KISHIDA- Senior Managing Director - Chief Safety Officer

KATSUYUKI ARAI - Managing Director - Cabin Attendants Division

KATSUHIKO NAWANO - Managing Director - Presidential Assignments (China Network & Business Development, Airport Projects)

FUMIO TSUCHIYA - Managing Director - Corporate Communications, Compliance, Environmental Affairs

HISAICHI ENDO - Managing Director - Engineering & Maintenance Division

SHOJI FUKAI - Senior Vice President - Flight operations

YUTAKA YOSHINO - Senior Vice President - Cargo Businesses

OSAMU SASAHARA - Senior Vice President - Engineering and Maintenance Division

KIMIO HIROIKE - Senior Vice President - Airport Division Procurement

TOSHIO ANNAKA - Senior Vice President - Human Resources

MASATO UEHARA - Senior Vice President - Passenger Sales & Marketing, Customer Satisfaction

TETSUYA TAKENAKA - Senior Vice President - General Manager, Corporate Planning, Finance

TERUO HARAFUJI - Senior Vice President - Flight Operations Division

SHUNJI KONO - Senior Vice President - External board members

KEN MOROI - Senior Vice President- External board members

SHINOBU SHIMIZU - Senior Vice President- External board members

Haruka Nishimatsu 西松遙(にしまつ・はるか) CEO, Japan Airlines Group

Haruka Nishimatsu was born on January 5, 1948 in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, and grew up there. From Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu

Kita High School, he entered a private university, majoring in science, but he felt that it did not suit him and in April 1968 he subsequently entered the Economics Department of Tokyo University.

In April 1972, after graduating from Tokyo University in March that year, he joined JAL. His motive for joining was, "I adored aircraft. I had watched `planes fly over Hamamatsu between Tokyo and Osaka since I was a small boy, and was fascinated by them."

At that time JAL was the job seeker's No. 1 choice.

After joining JAL, he was assigned to the Flight Crew Training

Department, in charge of preparing schedules for pilot trainees.

In November 1974 he moved to the Finance Department and was put in charge of financing. He handled JAL's first issue of foreign bonds in October 1975. He also procured funds from the US Export Import Bank for purchasing JAL's DC10 fleet in 1976.

In June 1980 he transferred to JAL's Traffic Division, Administration in charge of budgets for airport offices.

In August 1983 he transferred to Corporate Planning, in charge of finance issues and liaison with government agencies.

In December 1987 he was posted to Frankfurt, as administration manager of JAL's city and airport offices.

In August 1991 he returned to Tokyo and the Finance Department and he has remained in that department until today.

April 1999 - Director of Finance Department.

April 2003 - Executive Officer, Finance & Investor Relations

April 2005 - Board member of JAL International and JAL Domestic, as Senior Vice President, Finance.

June 2005 - Board member, JAL Corporation, Senior Vice President, Finance & Investor Relations

March 2006 - Designated JAL Group CEO and Senior Managing Director, Finance & Investor Relations

June 28, 2006 - Elected JAL Group's new representative CEO and President.

Personal details

His favorite pastime is golf and he has a handicap of 18. Nishimatsu-san is an avid reader, especially of historical books, both fact and fiction. His preferred author is Ryotaro Shiba, whose "Moe yo Ken" (Burning Sword), is his favorite book.

Good red wine is his drink of choice, but he prefers Japanese food to Western cuisine.

He lives in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture with his wife. He has a son, who recently married, and a daughter. Both children work for securities companies.

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