• February 08, 2008

JAL Chairman Shinmachi to Retire

ImageTokyo February 8, 2008: The chairman of Japan Airlines Corporation and Japan Airlines International, Toshiyuki Shinmachi, will retire from the board on March 31, 2008.

Toshiyuki Shinmachi (65) was elected president of JAL, Asia and Japan's largest airline group, in June 2004 after an airline career focused primarily on the cargo transportation business. On April 1, 2005 he assumed the position of JAL Group CEO. On June 2006, he took up his current position as JAL Group chairman.

Born on January 20, 1943, Mr. Shinmachi joined JAL in April 1965 after graduating from Gakushuin University where he studied politics and economics. He spent nearly his entire career in JAL’s cargo department which included three overseas assignments in Frankfurt, Hong Kong and New York.

As C.E.O and Chairman Toshiyuki Shinmachi has played a key role in JAL Group’s business revival which is progressing well, as indicated by the JAL Group’s FY2007 third quarter results announced today. His significant contribution to the strengthening of safety at the JAL has ensured that safety has been re-established as the airline group’s No.1 priority.

No successor has been appointed to the position of chairman. The position will remain vacant after Mr. Shinmachi retires.

JAL Career Highlights

1965 March

Graduated from Gakushuin University, Tokyo in politics and economics

1965 April

Joined Japan Airlines

1987 December

Deputy Director, Cargo Export Tokyo Regional Cargo sales office

1988 July

Director, Cargo Export Tokyo Regional Cargo sales office

1989 December

Regional Manager, Cargo Sales, New York Regional Cargo Sales office

1991 June  

General Manager, Administration, JAL Cargo

1993 June

Vice President, JAL Cargo, Tokyo Regional Cargo Sales office

1995: July

Vice President, JAL Cargo Sales, Japan Region

1997 June

Elected to the board of director of Japan Airlines, Senior Vice President

2000 April

Managing Director, Japan Airlines

2001 October

Senior Managing Director, Japan Airlines

2002 October

Senior Managing Director, Japan Airlines System Corporation and concurrently, Senior Managing Director, Japan Airlines

2003 June

Executive Vice President, Japan Airlines System Corporation and concurrently, EVP Japan Airlines

2004 June

President, Japan Airlines Corporation and concurrently, President, Japan Airlines

2005 March

Named group C.E.O. Designate of Japan Airlines Corporation

2005 April 1

Assumed position of JAL Group CEO

2006 June

Assumed position of JAL Group Chairman


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