• July 16, 2008

21st JAL Group Otobutai (Sound Stage) in Byodoin

Tokyo July 16, 2008: On Saturday September 6 2008, the 21st JAL Group sponsored annual musical performance of Otobutai (Sound Stage) will be staged in Kyoto Prefecture in the grounds of the beautiful Byodoin, an over 1,000 year-old Buddhist temple, originally built in the Heian period.

Performed in the grounds of Japan’s most historic temples and held annually since 1989, JAL Otobutai is a unique blend of western and eastern music. Staged at a different temple each year, it presents first class artists from Japan and abroad in a unique collaboration of music and performances presented under the theme, “East Meets West”.

This year’s setting for the JAL Otobutai will be Byodoin, a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Uji City, south of Kyoto City. The temple’s Phoenix Hall houses an extensive collection of National Treasures, while the garden has been designated a Site of Historic and Scenic Importance. The hall’s image will be familiar to many as it appears on one side of the bronze 10 yen coin.   

Performing in front of an illuminated Byodoin will be Celtic Woman, the popular musical ensemble from Ireland comprising vocalists and a violinist whose repertoire ranges from traditional Celtic tunes to modern songs.

Joining them will be acclaimed cellist Joshua Roman, known for his varied repertoire and masterful technique; Norimasa Fujisawa, known for his distinctive energetic performances which are a creative fusion of both pop and opera; and soprano Mayo Amagai with her unparalleled purity of voice performing a range of songs from classical to chanson.

There will also be performance of Bugaku (dance accompanied gagaku) by the Tennojigakuso Garyokai. ‘Gagaku’, is a form of Japanese classical music which has been performed at the Imperial Court for several centuries. Established in 1884 in Osaka, Tennojigakuso Garyokai is a group of performers who are committed to preserving this ancient art.   




September 6, 2008 / Saturday


2 performances - First: 18:00-19:30 / Second: 20:20-21:50 (Planned time)    




Kyoto Buddhist Association, Byodoin , Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS)

Title Sponsor

Japan Airlines (JAL)


Daiwa Securities Group


Celtic Woman, Joshua Roman, Norimasa Fujisawa, Mayo Amagai, Tennojigakuso Garyokai

Ticket availability

Not on sale to general public, but complimentary tickets are available via a prize draw conducted online at http://mbs.jp/oto/ . Entrants must register for the prize draw by the latest August 15, 2008.


Secretariat: Tel: 06-6371-9157


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