• May 26, 2009

Business Alliance in the logistics field between JAL and Mitsui & Co. Ltd

Tokyo May 26, 2009: Japan Airlines Group (JAL) and Mitsui & Co., Ltd (Mitsui) jointly announced a business alliance agreement in the logistics field, with JAL offering its air cargo transport services and Mitsui offering logistics solution services centering on sea freight transport in what is a first of its kind cooperation between an airline and a general trading company in Japan.

Under the agreement, both parties will complement each other with their respective strengths to further improve service and increase competitiveness. “Value-up Innovation Partners by Mitsui & JAL” is the one-stop service solution formulated as a result of their collaboration, and aims to offer customers an enhanced value chain with wider options in the areas of transportation modes, logistics processing, and other technique-based functions such as logistics financing.

Combined functions offered by the cooperation between JAL and Mitsui.


At a time when global demand in the logistics sector is weak, and as the industry continues to face a challenging year ahead, JAL and Mitsui both recognize the need to expand service territories and to raise the level of convenience and service standards by providing a comprehensive and seamless transport process that will meet the needs of the customers. The companies hope that through the partnership, they can both transcend the frameworks of a logistics division in a general trading firm and of an airline, and integrate their respective features and functions to offer support to the businesses of their customers.

Both group companies will start sales activities from July 1, 2009.

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