• January 14, 2010

ETIC Announced Present Strategy of Support Plan for JAL

TokyoJanuary 14, 2010: On January 13, 2010, Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation (hereafter ETIC) announced their present strategy of support plan for JAL. The content of the announcement is as follows.  For further details, please refer to the ETIC’s homepage: http://www.etic-j.co.jp.



Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation

January 13th 2010


Present Strategy of Our Support Plan for Japan Airlines


Please be informed that Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation (hereafter ETIC), a quasi sovereign turnaround fund, is in process of forming a business revitalization plan to support Japan Airlines, in which we intend to ensure all of its business operations on and off the grounds to be performed smoothly without any interruption as usual with sufficient amount of capital. The followings are planned to be included in the said plan.


(1)All the credits related to the regular business are to be protected. i.e.) No change is to take place in the payments related with these credits

(2)No influence over the usage of the flight tickets. i.e.) All the flight tickets are to be used as usual including changes, refunds and etc. 

(3)The leasing fees under the Aircraft Leasing agreements are to be paid as usual. 

(4)No changes on “frequent flyer mileage”. i.e.) It can be used as usual. 

(5)Flight coupons issued for the shareholders are valid until the original maturity dates.

Thank you.





 20100114 - ETIC Statement of Support.pdf


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