• February 26, 2010

Japan Airlines to Establish a Compliance Investigations Committee

Tokyo, February 26, 2010: The JAL Group announced today that on March 2, 2010, it will establish a Compliance Investigations Committee (the “Committee”) whose main objective is to examine past business practices of the JAL Group.

Committed to executing a fair and transparent restructuring under the Corporate Reorganization Proceedings, the JAL Group will commission the Committee to launch an investigation into past business management of the JAL Group to determine if there were any issues about compliancy, and to identify problems in that aspect. Key findings will then be reported to the appointed Trustees.

The Committee is an independent investigative organization formed by third-party members such as Saiguchi Chiharu - a lawyer belonging to the Tokyo Bar Association and a current member of the Supreme Court of Japan, and Kainaka Tatsuo - a former member of the Supreme Court of Japan, who will be able to provide their professional opinion from a neutral stance in order to impartially and effectively assess the JAL Group.


Starting March 2, 2010, the Committee will commence its research into the Group’s history.


 20100226 - JAL Establishes Compliance Investigations Comm_FINAL.pdf


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