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JAL Launches All-New Products and Services, Starting January 2013 on International Routes

Welcome! JAL New Sky

TOKYO September 13, 2012:
Japan Airlines (JAL) today launched JAL NEW SKY PROJECT, a thorough revamp of its in-flight products and services on international routes under a collective theme “Welcome! JAL New Sky”.

As an initial phase of this Project, JAL will introduce a sweeping change to the seat designs in every cabin class onboard 13 of its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft named [JAL SKY SUITE 777]*1, deploying it first on the airline’s daily Narita=London (Heathrow) route from January 2013, and progressively expanding the new revamp onto other European and North American routes such as on the Narita=New York (John F. Kennedy) service.

In addition to raising the notches one class above for all four cabin services, through the significant improvements in spaciousness and functionality of the seats, JAL will also be extending extra amenities and comfort such as fitting TOTO Washlets*2 in First and Business Class lavatories and providing innovative airweave® mattress pads and pillows on request in Business Class.

In this comprehensive overall renewal, JAL will also be introducing delightful new menus onboard flights to Europe, North America, Australia and South East Asia to create the ambience of an exclusive restaurant in the sky.

A dream team of four Japanese star chefs were brought together to design JAL’s First and Business Class menus using only the freshest and finest-ingredients. Named JAL BEDD to represent the comforts of the full flat beds and also to stand for ‘Dine’, ‘Delicious’ and ‘Dreams’, this new top-class service in First and Business offers the unique experience of a satisfying repast and repose in-flight.

In the new JAL KITCHEN GALLERY, Premium Economy and Economy Class customers will enjoy a wide range of seasonal delicacies from throughout Japan as well as JAL’s popular “AIR Series” of innovative meals created in collaboration with well-known Japanese restaurants.

JAL NEW SKY PROJECT has been created with the guidance of frequent traveler and award-winning Japanese author and screenwriter Kundo Koyama, who provided invaluable insights and opinions from a customer’s perspective.

“JAL is now standing at a new beginning and we have been able to come this far solely with your support and understanding,” said Japan Airlines President Yoshiharu Ueki at an event in Tokyo today to unveil the airline’s very latest in-flight seats and services. “In expression of our deepest gratitude, and in pursuing the promise stated in our current Mid-Term Plan, we hope to bring our customers a totally refreshing onboard experience like no other, with Welcome! JAL New Sky.”

*1JAL SKY SUITE 777 will be indicated in JAL’s flight timetables as “SS7”.
*2 An electronic toilet seat featuring a water-jet function for washing, developed by Japanese manufacturer of plumbing fixtures-TOTO.

Seat Name:
         JAL SUITE20120913-001.png

Configuration:     1-2-1 (8 seats)

Bed length:           Approx.: 199 cm (78.5 inch)

Max. Bed width:   Approx.: 84 cm (33 inch)

TV screen size:      23 inch

·         Excellent functionality that also provides a sense of luxury in one of the largest First Class spaces available in the skies today.

·         Personal TV screens are enlarged 20% from 19 to 23 inches.

·         Refine woodgrain finishing that evokes an ambience similar to that of a personal study or bedroom.

·         Newly-introduced liquid-crystal (LCD) touch-panel hand-held controller

·         Tempur® bedding for a deeply relaxing sleep

20120913-002.png 20120913-003.jpg

20120913-005.jpg 20120913-004.jpg

Seat Name:
         JAL SKY SUITE20120913-006.jpg

Configuration:     2-3-2 (49 seats)

Max. Bed length:  Approx.: 188 cm (74 inch)

Max. Bed width:   Approx.: 65 cm (25.5 inch)

Width at base:      Approx.: 53 cm (21 inch)

TV screen size:      23 inch

·         A highly-private space with plenty of legroom, furnished with a fully flat bed and a host of first-class amenities and functionalities.

·         Unobstructed aisle access for every seat.

·         A new standard in Business Class, JAL is providing (on request) innovative sleep gear from Weava Japan Inc. Made by weaving very fine fiber resin, the airweave S-LINE Mattress and airweave Pillow S-LINE firmly supports the bodyto ensure quality share and ess Class, d to fulfill our promise of rants in line to ensure a sound and quality sleep.

·         23-inch personal TV screens that are almost 50% larger than current JAL SHELL FLAT NEO seats and one of the widest in its class in the airline industry today.

·         Large swivel table for more flexibility in movement and ample storage space for various items.

·     Newly-introduced liquid-crystal (LCD) touch-panel hand-held controller.

20120913-007.jpg 20120913-008.jpg

20120913-009.jpg 20120913-010.jpg 20120913-011.jpg  

Seat Name:
         JAL SKY PREMIUM20120913-012.jpg

Configuration:     2-4-2 (40 seats)

Seat pitch:            Approx.: 107 cm (42 inch) *

Seat width:         Approx.: 48 cm (19 inch) between the armrests *

TV screen size:      12.1 inch

·         A substantial increase in seat pitch (distance between the seats) by as much as 10 cm (4 inch), providing more leg-space than ever before.

·         Increased seat-slide by up to approximately 7 cm (2.8 inch).

·         12.1 inch personal touch-panel TV screens are 35% wider than previous Premium Economy product and one of the widest in its class.

·         Retained the fixed-back seat feature of its predecessor, providing the same undisturbed space even when a passenger seated in front reclines.

·         Center divider between seats at head-level to provide greater privacy.

·         Three-step adjustable footrest.

*Specifications for front-row seats are different.

 20120913-013.png 20120913-014.jpg 20120913-016.jpg

20120913-017.jpg 20120913-18r.jpg

Seat Name:
         JAL SKY WIDER

Configuration:     3-3-3 (135 seats)20120913-019.jpg

Seat pitch:            Approx.: 84 ~ 86 cm (33 ~ 34 inch) *

Seat width:           Approx.: 47 cm (18.5 inch) between the armrests *

TV screen size:      10.6 inch

·         An increase in seat pitch by up to approximately 7 cm (extended from 31 to 34 inches), plus specially-slimmed seat backs that add another 3 cm of space at knee-level, providing significantly more room in Economy Class.

·         2 cm (0.8 inch) wider seats than previous types .

·         Personal touch-panel TV screens are even larger than JAL’s earlier Premium Economy product.

·         Each seatback has been designed with a netted pet-bottle holder and a conveniently placed smartphone holder near the USB port.

*Specifications for select seats are different.

20120913-020.jpg 20120913-021.jpg 20120913-022.jpg

20120913-023.jpg 20120913-024.jpg


Star chefs from left to right: Koji Shimomura, Seiji Yamamoto, Fumiko Kono and Chikara Yamada

Also starting from January 2013, JAL will transform the ambience in First and Business Class into an exquisite restaurant in the skies with its JAL BEDD - SKY AUBERGE service, offering customers in-flight menus thoughtfully crafted by a team of prominent chefs.

Seiji Yamamoto - A Michelin three-star maestro, Mr. Yamamoto will be creating Western meals for JAL’s First Class, using rich and varied Japanese ingredients in the artful crossover cuisine of East and West.

On routes: Narita= New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Frankfurt


Koji Shimomura
- A Michelin two-star chef with years of apprenticeship in France at three-star restaurants “La Cote d’Or” and “Troisgros”, Mr. Shimomura will be creating uniquely light and appetizing French cuisines for JAL’s First and Business Class.

On routes: Narita= Jakarta for First Class, Narita=Vancouver, Moscow, Sydney, Delhi, Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi


Chikara Yamada  - With years of training in Spain and other countries and once under the tutelage of revered chef Ferran Adria of one of the world’s best restaurants “El Bulli”, Mr. Yamada is an innovative genius at creating dishes of Japanese and Western flavors which JAL’s Business Class customers will soon discover in the skies high above.

On routes: Narita= New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Frankfurt


Fumiko Kono - A top-class graduate of renowned culinary institute Le Cordon Bleu and executive chef of “Fauchon” in Paris, Ms. Kono brings to JAL’s Business Class menu, her creative use of ginger and other herbs for healthy dishes that warm and relax.

On routes: Narita= New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Frankfurt


* Does not apply to meal service at breakfast for international flights from Haneda.


Cooking in the JAL KITCHEN GALLERY for Premium Economy and Economy Class passengers on select routes are the novel “AIR Series” meals that JAL offers in collaboration with reputable Japanese restaurants and eateries. Additionally, exclusive to Premium Economy Class customers, champagne, Dean & Deluca’s premium ice-cream and velvety mousse Toronama Donuts will also be available on applicable routes.

20120913-031.jpg 20120913-032.jpg 20120913-033.jpg

A delectably fluffy omelet rice dish

The genuine taste of Yoshinoya’s famous beef bowl.

The first installation in the AIR Series and a signature item from MOS BURGER.

20120913-034.jpg 20120913-35r.png


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