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Japan Airlines to Introduce New Winter Menu in JAL’s Exclusive Restaurant in the Sky

Select Star Chef menus for First Class and Business Class on international routes

Latest Collaboration with JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN  for in-flight refreshments

New installment of the popular AIR SERIES-“AIR Soup Stock Tokyo”

TOKYO November 17, 2014: Under the meal service concept of an exclusive restaurant in the sky, Japan Airlines (JAL) will introduce the high-class dining on Europe, North America, Australia and Southeast Asia routes from December 1, 2014.

The First and Business class menus on flights from Paris to Japan were created by Chef Hiroki Yoshitake, member of the dream team of star chefs for JAL BEDD-SKY AUBERGE, who won the Grand Prix on RED U-35 2014, the top-class culinary competition in Japan.

As a new installment of the popular AIR SERIES, JAL and Soup Stock Tokyo are collaborating on creating the original “AIR Soup Stock Tokyo” for Premium Economy and Economy Class.

JAL is embracing new challenges of serving exquisite Japanese cuisine to deliver an inspirational travel experience.


Star Chef Menu


Macaron Aube - JAL Original


AIR Soup Stock Tokyo

I. First Class on Outbound Flights  

Japanese Menu

Japanese winter menu for First Class was created by Chef Seiji Yamamoto, chef-owner of the Tokyo restaurant Nihonryori Ryugin, one of the world’s 50 best restaurants.

Applicable Routes: From Japan to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Jakarta


Sukiyaki of "Wagyu" Beef Fillet


Seasonal five colorful delicacies

Western Menu

Western menu was created by Chef Shimomura from “Edition Koji Shimomura” restaurant. Simple, light and always pleasing, Koji Shimomura’s French dishes rest easily on the stomach. His restaurant showcases his distinctive cooking style, which is characterized by a confident technique that playfully toys with bold ideas to enchant epicures throughout Japan.

Applicable Routes: From Japan to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Sydney and Jakarta


Iberico Pork Raw Ham & Chorizo


Roasted “Wagyu”Beef Fillet

II. First Class and Business Class on Inbound Flights

From Paris to Japan

Highlight of the Western menu designed by Chef Hiroki Yoshitake is the fusion of essence of the authentic French and Japanese food. Chef Yoshitake won the Grand Prix on RED U-35 2014, the top-class culinary competition in Japan.


Frying Pan of Lobster, Onion Sauce

(First Class)


Beef Cheek Ragout, Potatoes Gratin

(Business Class)

From New York to Japan

Japan Airlines is pleased to present a Special Menu developed by JAL corporate Chef, Naoki Uchiyama, former executive chef at top-ranking restaurants in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Mr. Uchiyama embraced the challenge of using his culinary knowledge and cooking techniques cultivated in the U.S. to select the choicest ingredients and sauces and seek beauty of food presentation. We hope you enjoy the Special Menu created by a culinary professional who has made a lasting impression on connoisseurs of fine food and drink around the world.


Smoke Salmon Nicoise Salad

 (First Class)


US Prime Beef Filet with Oriental Wasabi Sauce

(Business Class)

III. Business Class on Outbound Flights

Western menus were created by Chef Chikara Yamada. Chef Yamada is a genius at creating dishes that sometimes defy categorization but always satisfy. Discover how his dishes convey the ambience of restaurants far below as you dine high above.

Applicable Routes:

From Japan to Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Honolulu


Grilled "Wagyu" Beef Sirloin with Soft-boiled Egg & Truffle Sauce


Salad of Pâté Campagne with Consommé jelly

IV. The Second Meal Menus for First Class and Business Class

Cherishing what she refers to as “positive healthiness”, Ms. Fumiko Kono’s creations embody a special daintiness through use of ginger and other ingredients to make dishes that warm one from the inside, or mint and other herbs for treats you’ll find naturally relaxing.

Applicable Routes: From Japan to Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Frankfurt, Helsinki and Paris.


Fillet of "Wagyu" Beef with Sweet Miso Sauce,Hazel Nut Flavor


Salmon Tartare with OEuf Mollet, Truffle Dressing

V. SORA NATTO Served in Business Class on Select Flights

Professor Maki of Kanazawa University discovered and successively gathered airborne bacillus natto at an altitude of 3,000 meters above the sea level in Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture, with the cooperation of Mitsui & Co. A local food company Kinjo Natto Food Co., Ltd. used the bacteria to develop delicious, soybean-flavored natto with a milder smell than regular natto. Please enjoy this tasty “sky natto” aboard our flights.

Soybean: Enrei soybean produced in Ishikawa Prefecture

Sauce: Ono soy sauce, etc.

Applicable Routes: From Tokyo Haneda to Honolulu (JL080), Singapore (JL035), Ho Chi Minh City (JL079) and Bangkok (JL033)


Natto Package with the image of Sky


Breakfast menu

VI. Newly Mixed Snack is Suitable for Vegetarians

JAL will provide the tasty Japanese snack, which is suitable for vegetarians. This savory and enjoyable snack mix contains seven ingredients such as rice crackers and almonds. It will be served progressively from December 2014 in all classes on international flights and in First Class on domestic flights.

Ingredients: Kakinotane (persimmon seed-shaped rice crackers and peanuts), Arare (bite-sized rice crackers with soybeans, edible seaweed,), almonds, Hangetsu Arare (half-moon-shaped rice crackers)


Applicable Routes: All classes on international flights and First Class on domestic flights

VII. JAL and JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN Introduce Original Macaron in First and Business Class

JAL and JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN are collaborating on introducing new items for First and Business Class on select outbound flights. The airline will serve macaron and chocolate including the new items every 3 months in turns from December. We’d like to deliver the surprise and give a fresh impression even to the frequent customers of JAL. We hope you enjoy Evan’s macaron and chocolate especially at 12,000m in the sky while flying JAL.

Macaron Aube - JAL Original Macaron

Introducing a nouvelle creation! Our new macaron christened “Aube,” a French word denoting “dawn” or “commencement,” has a refreshing taste that evokes the first light of dawn. Created exclusively for JAL, “Aube” is filled with a ganache fusion of lychee, jasmine and cacao from Madagascar. Savor its refreshing citrus afternote originating in the orangetree honey.



(First Class) 

Macaron Amer

Savor the bitter, yet rich and mellow cacao that only a true chocolatier could concoct. This is one of Jean-Paul Hévin's most popular macarons. Out of all the macarons created by the numerous renowned chocolate maisons, the venerable French newspaper “Figaro Scope” rated this number one in their 2012 Chocolate Macaron survey. Macaron Amer’s ganache features chic, bitter chocolate. Indulge in the simple pleasure of strong cacao.



(Business Class)

Macaron Miel’in             

The luxurious ganache composed of 3 varieties of Flavorful honey: Montagne, lavender and heath.

First Class

Applicable Routes: From Japan to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris, Sydney and Jakarta.

Business Class

Applicable Routes: From Japan to Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Vancouver, San Francisco, London, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris and Moscow.

# Please note that we offer Petit Palais chocolate on flights from Japan to Honolulu, Sydney, Singapore,

 Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Delhi, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok.

VIII. Premium Economy and Economy Class on Outbound flights

“AIR Soup Stock Tokyo” Debutas New Installment of JAL's AIR SERIES

“AIR Soup Stock Tokyo” is the first collaboration on AIR SERIES between JAL and Soup Stock Tokyo, a specialty soup restaurant born in Tokyo in 1999, will be served as the second meal on select flights.


Menu Contents:

-Scallop and vegetable chowder

-Cod roe pasta accented with “Yuzu-kosho”

-Old fashioned stone oven-baked bread


Applicable Routes:

From Tokyo Narita to Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris and Sydney

From Tokyo Haneda to London and Paris


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