• February 12, 2019

Reservation Start Date for International Flights to be Changed to 360 days prior to Departure

Japan Airlines (JAL) will be changing the reservation start date for international flights from the conventional 330 days to 360 days prior to departure. As inbound demand from overseas countries has been on the rise every year, this new rule enables customers to book and issue tickets for flights 360 days ahead; meeting the needs from overseas visitors who wish to plan their trips to Japan in 2020 as early as possible, including hotel reservations.

The carrier renewed its international passenger service system in November 2017, which enabled these changes to take place and equal efforts will be carried out for domestic flights going forward. JAL will continue to take on the challenge to improve its products and will strive to enhance customer convenience through the expansion of new services.

Effective Date: April 1, 2019 at 10:00AM (Japan time)
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