• August 02, 2019

Japan Airlines Conducting VR Maintenance Training Trial Program

Creating New Learning Opportunities for Maintenance Engineers


Japan Airlines (JAL) is conducting a trial using VR (Virtual Reality) technology to train maintenance engineers on the Embraer E170 and E190 aircraft. Through this trial, the carrier aims to improve the skills of mechanics by providing a realistic and immersive learning environment through VR, even when the actual aircraft is not available at the hangar.

In recent years, the reliability of commercial aircraft have improved significantly due to the advancement in technology, which also means there are less opportunities for a maintenance engineer to work on potential issues on an actual aircraft. To cope with the situation, JAL had been looking to develop a program for maintenance engineers to build on actual hands-on experience in a realistic environment.

JAL and Toshiba System Technologies Corp. developed the VR training program; simulating an engine run-up scenario via computer graphics. Reflecting on experience, the VR environment for the Embraer E170 and E190 aircraft was designed by JAL`s maintenance instructors. The VR program precisely simulates actual cockpit indicators and sounds, which enables a maintenance engineer to learn the engine run-up procedure in a realistic environment. Further, mechanics can test their knowledge through the program to help identify any room for improvement.

Through these training programs, JAL will continue to embrace new technology to maintain the safety of each flight and proactively nurture experienced professionals.

Trial Outline: In maintenance training, cockpit mock-ups and simulators are used. Through the trial, the VR simulator aims to improve the skills of the engineers.
Aircraft Type: Embraer E170 / E190
Trial Period: July through September 2019


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Trial led by JAL Innovation Lab


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