• August 22, 2019

Japan Airlines Renews Safety Video for International and Domestic Flights

Focusing on Concrete and Realistic Images to Promote Safety


The JAL Group has been implementing specific measures to Rebuild Safety and a Sense of Security, as outlined in the company`s Medium Term Management Plan. As part of the continued efforts, the company announced the decision to renew the in-flight safety video from September 1, 2019.

With a focus on in-flight safety, the video draws on actual incidents that have recently taken place across the airline industry. Throughout the production of the video, the carrier received advice from the company`s Safety Advisory Group, chaired by Professor Kunio Yanagida. The group consists of 5 external experts with knowledge and experience in human factors, analysis of failure and imperfection, organizational operation and safety.

The safety video highlights potential risks inside the cabin, as well as providing key directives during an evacuation of the aircraft. The program includes realistic scenarios to describe situations that may occur if appropriate action is not taken by the passengers during a flight and in an emergency.

Cabin – Scenario in Seat
The first scenario focuses on storing personal belongings in the correct location. If personal items are not stored correctly, the items may injure other passengers during a sudden stop. The second scenario focuses on the importance of wearing the seat belt during a flight as one`s body may rise and injure oneself during unexpected turbulence.

22AUG Image1.png

Cabin – Scenario during an Emergency Evacuation
In recent years, there have been reports in the aviation industry in which passengers have been seen carrying their personal luggage during an evacuation. Therefore, the safety video describes a situation in which a passenger attempting to carry their luggage blocks the passageway and prevents others from proceeding to the exit in a timely manner. In addition, the next scene highlights how luggage or high-heeled shoes could damage the escape slide, making it difficult to evacuate the aircraft and possibly threaten the lives of other passengers.

22AUG Image2.png

Exterior – Scenario during an Emergency Evacuation
For the scene describing the evacuation slide, the images are shown from the perspective of the passenger. Not only highlighting the height and speed of the slide, the video provides directives on the correct posture to maintain a good balance, while preventing any injuries.

During an emergency, the airline may also ask passenger`s to assist others at the bottom of the slide to prevent injuries. Therefore, the video provides directives to explain specific ways on how one can assist during an emergency.

22AUG Image3.png

In October, JAL will update the IFE programs to allow passengers to review the general safety guidelines and rules on etiquette on their personal monitors. (some aircraft types are excluded)

The safety video will be available in 11 different languages, including Japanese and English. Actual visuals can be found here.



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