• October 28, 2019

Japan Airlines Receives 2019 Future Travel Experience Accessibility Leadership Award

In September 2019, Japan Airlines was named the overall winner of the Future Travel Experience Accessibility Leadership Award 1 in recognition of its extensive efforts to make air travel more accessible for travelers with additional needs. The event was held at the Future Travel Experience Global Awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

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According to FTE, “Ranging from the Japanese Sign Language Interpretation Service 2 and the introduction of barrier-free speakers to assist travelers with hearing impairments, to its investment in educating staff in how to support customers who require special assistance and the enrichment of accessible information across its digital platforms, Japan Airlines continues to display true leadership in this field.”

The JAL Group`s policy on accessibility aims to realize a society where everyone can enjoy travel, sports and culture. Over time, the carrier has continually improved accessibility standards in various areas in order for all customers to travel with peace of mind.

JAL Group Service Policy on Accessibility
Based on the JAL Philosophy which constitutes the basic mindset of employees, we will:
- Provide a stress-free travel experience for all our customers.
- Offer various travel options to all our customers.
- Co-create well-being through travel, with our customers and society.

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    JAL Special Assistance Counter - Haneda Airport

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    Special assistance for wheelchair user at airport

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1 About the FTE Awards: https://www.futuretravelexperience.com/fte-global/fte-awards/
2 Press Release:  https://press.jal.co.jp/en/release/201812/004993.html


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