• April 07, 2020

Japan Airlines Unveils Revamped Website to Provide a Memorable Customer Experience in 2020 and Beyond

Featuring an enhanced booking/search engine and travel content


Japan Airlines (JAL) today unveiled the carrier`s revamped website, available in multiple languages for its regional markets around the globe. Based on public and user-experience surveys, the new layout better matches the diverse needs of modern customers, focusing on usability and providing relevant travel content throughout the year. With this latest customer-focused enhancement, the carrier is striving to provide a memorable experience at every possible touch point.


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Key Highlights for JAL’s New Regional Website

~ A Simple Design with Usability in Mind ~
Starting today, customers can search for a specific destination by the name of a city or using the 3-letter airport code, such as LAX for Los Angeles or SIN for Singapore. In addition, customers have an option to reserve a simple roundtrip flight or can opt to purchase a packaged deal, which includes both flight and hotel accommodations in one simple transaction. Frequently used functions, such as changing reservations or checking on a flight status, are now available at the top of the website to improve usability for the carrier`s customers.



~ Featuring Enhanced Travel Contents ~
Guide to Japan features a variety of information on Japanese culture, including the newest trends through digital content. The site provides attractive contents to keep visitors updated throughout the year.



Key Highlights for JAL’s New Japan Region Website

~ A Smoother Booking Process ~
To enhance usability, the new layout features an aggregated view containing both international and domestic flights, tours, JAL Mileage Bank and JAL CARD functions in a single area. Customers can now search for both international and pure Japan domestic tickets on the same page by simply entering the name of a city/airport or the 3-letter city/airport code making the process simpler for smartphone users.


~ Focusing on Functionality ~
Frequently used functions, such as reservations, flight status, boarding guidance, selecting seats and meals, are now available at the top of the website. In addition, accessing online e-boarding passes is now easier to retrieve, providing a stress-free experience at the airport.


~ Travel Tips for a Memorable Experience ~
When a customer provides a potential destination and highlights what they expect from the trip, JAL will provide key recommendations for a stress-free experience.


To visit the JAL`s new website, click here.


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