• May 29, 2020

JAL Group Announces Heightened Safety and Hygiene Standards at Airports and In-flight

To prevent the further spread of COVID-19 and to ensure peace of mind during travel, the JAL Group has been placing the highest priority on safety and security for its customers and employees, and will implement additional hygiene measures starting from June.

Highlighting JAL`s Latest Initiatives and Request to Customers
The JAL Group will heighten its safety and hygiene standards at touchpoints throughout the travel journey, including at airports and inside the aircraft.

> To prevent the further spread of infection, social distancing markers will be displayed at airports, installation of partitions will be expanded, staggered boarding will be implemented (limit 10 to 20 customers), and customers will be required to wear face masks.
> All customers will be reminded to stay within the guidelines for carry-on baggage and they will be requested to check-in online prior to their arrival at the airport.
> To promote a stress-free travel experience, antibacterial hand wipes will be offered to customers inside the cabin and easy-accessible sanitizing stations will increase at airports and in lounges.

JAL’s Enhanced Policy for Safety and Security

The JAL Group has implemented the following measures to ensure a clean and hygienic travel environment for its customers at touchpoints throughout the travel journey:

> Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of counters, equipment and machines used by customers and employees. Also, provide customers with antibacterial hand wipes and expand sanitizing stations.
> Regular and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of aircraft operating both on international and domestic flights.
> During the flight, the air inside the aircraft is continuously replaced with fresh outside air, and HEPA filters keep the air clean. Details can be found here.

  • 29MAY Image1.png

    Disinfecting self-check-in machines

  • 29MAY Image2.png

    Hand sanitizer offered throughout airports

  • 29MAY Image3.png

    Disinfecting entire seat areas

> Airport staff and cabin crew to wear face masks and/or face guards so that customers can receive services with peace of mind.
> In order to keep a safe distance, the airline will set up guide markers at the airport and in the boarding area, and staggered boarding will be implemented to approximately 10 to 20 customers at a time.
> Partitions are installed at airport counters.

  • 29MAY Image4.png

    Airport staff to wear masks/face guards

  • 29MAY Image5.png

    Guide markers

  • 29MAY Image6.png

    Partition installed at airport counters


To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure a safe travel experience:

1) Customers are requested to monitor health conditions prior to travel and boarding. If you are unwell, please contact your doctor.
2) Customers are requested to cooperate during required temperature checks conducted by airport and airline personnel (implementation of such checks varies depending on the airport).
3) Customers are required to wear a face mask at the airport and on aircraft. Please note that customers who do not wear face masks and those who feel unwell due to fever may be asked to refrain from taking the flight. (This requirement excludes infants or for those with medical conditions.)
4) Customers will be reminded to stay within the guidelines for carry-on baggage to avoid delays at the airport including during boarding and deplaning. In addition, customers will be requested to check-in online prior to their arrival at the airport.

For the full summary, refer to the attachment.



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