• July 14, 2014

JAL and NRI Start Demonstration Test of iBeacon and Smartwatch for Advancing Airport Passenger Service

~Speedy response, and achieve higher efficient assignment of staff ~

TOKYO July 14, 2014: Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL) and Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI) will start demonstration test of iBeacon *1and smartwatch*2for the airline’s airport passenger service within approx. a month from July 16, 2014.

*1. iBeacon: iBeacon introduced in 2013 is a transmitter that can notify nearby Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) devices of their presence. iBeacon is the trademark of Apple Inc.

*2. Smartwatch: A computerized wristwatch communicating with smartphone that can display information or run mobile apps.

At Haneda airport’s Domestic Terminal 1, beacon installed at each boarding gate can pinpoint the location of JAL’s boarding gate staff with BLE devices. The information of each staff’s location and the whole assignment can be simultaneously mastered by controller desk in back office. JAL aims to serve passengers in immediate response and be able to efficiently assign staff in the front line by using the advanced technology. Frontline staff can check and share the latest information related to their business activities by using wearable device*3-smartwatch.

*3. Wearable device: Miniature electronic devices that are worn by the bearer under, with or on top of clothing with features such as picture display, cell phone and emailing etc.

20140714_スマートウォッチ_fig1.jpg  20140714_スマートウォッチ_fig2.jpg

                                      JAL staff wearing smartwatch

20140714_スマートウォッチ_fig3.jpg  20140714_スマートウォッチ_fig4.jpg

Smartwatches provided by NTT DOCOMO, INC.                        Controller desk
(SAMSUNG's GALAXY Gear Fit/left, GALAXY Gear2/right)

In this demonstration test, NRI undertakes developing a system of location aware of the frontline staff’s during work by using iBeacon, and sending message to smartwatch.

20140714_スマートウォッチ_fig5.jpg  20140714_スマートウォッチ_fig6.jpg

  Display of boarding gate staff’s location            iBeacon installed at boarding gate

In addition to trial of GALAXY S5 and GALAXY Gear2, JAL also plans to test other latest smartwatches such as Android Wear™*4based LG G Watch*5 


                LG G Watch

JAL strives to provide customers with new and innovative products and services under the banner “Embrace new challenges JAL”.

Embrace new Challenge JAL.jpg 

As a part of “NRI Mirai (Future) Garage” project, NRI decided to take part in this demonstration test. “NRI Mirai (Future) Garage” will continue to take new challenges to create new value and services with enterprises.

*4 Android Wear™: A version of Google’s Android operating system designed for smartwatches and other wearables.

                                 Android Wear is the trademark of Google Inc.

*5 LG G Watch: LG Electronics Inc. started selling LG G Watch (smartwatch) on June 26 2014.

              LG G Watch powered by Android Wear™

*Please see the attached file.
20140714-JAL and NRI Start Demonstration Test of iBeacon and Smartwatch rvs.pdf


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