• January 20, 2017

Free Wi-Fi Video Program Service Introduced on J-AIR's Embraer 190

J-AIR Corporation (J-AIR), the JAL Group (JAL) 100% owned regional airline subsidiary decided to provide free Wi-Fi video program service on Embraer 190 (E190) aircraft in addition to its Embraer 170.

Customers are able to enjoy those free video programs during flights. Free video programs including various entertainments, sports and dramas are available for streaming on customers’ own Wi-Fi devices such as smartphones and tablets, starting March 1, 2017.


J-AIR’s E190 aircraft with well-received Class-J service are being operated on the Osaka (Itami) = Sendai route, and on the Osaka (Itami) = Kagoshima route. The airline will be expanding E190 service onto more routes such as:

- Osaka (Itami) = Nagasaki (March ~)

- Osaka (Itami) = Miyazaki (May ~)

- Osaka (Itami) = Niigata (June ~)

- Tokyo (Haneda) = Nanki Shirahama (August~) etc.

JAL will be striving to deliver more comfortable inflight experience and convenience to our customers.


  1. Internet connection and earphones are not available for this service.
  2. Press release for Embraer 170 with new cabin interior and free Wi-Fi Video Program Service, please visit: http://press.jal.co.jp/en/release/201604/003841.html



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