• December 09, 2009

JAL Announces Short-Term Reduction in Capacity on 5 International Routes

TokyoDecember 9, 2009: The JAL Group (JAL) will make temporary adjustments to its international flight frequency and fleet plan for the second half of fiscal year 2009, the year ending March 31, 2010.

Flight frequency on two international routes - Tokyo (Narita) to Sao Paulo via New York, and Tokyo (Narita) to Shanghai, will be reduced for a short term period of two to three months between January and March, 2010, when passenger demand on these routes is expected to be weak. Capacity will also be lowered by means of downsizing the aircraft used on 3 other international routes between Tokyo and Beijing as well as Hong Kong for a similar length of time.

JAL aims to respond more sensitively to current market situations in order to improve profitability, and appreciates the understanding and support of its customers. For customers who have already made reservations on flights that are subject to the change, alternative JAL flights with different timings will be offered.

Flight frequency decrease



( Flights per week)

Period Effective

Flight Details

Tokyo (Narita) - Sao Paulo via New York

Decrease from 3 to 2

Feb 1 - Mar 27, 2010

Wednesday departures from Tokyo (JL048) and Thursday departures from Sao Paulo (JL047) to be suspended during this time.

Tokyo (Narita) - Shanghai

Decrease from 28 to 21

Jan 18 - Mar 27, 2010

JL619 / 610 to be suspended during this time.

Aircraft Change


Current Aircraft

Aircraft after change

Period Effective

Tokyo (Haneda) - Beijing

777 - 200ER

767 - 300ER

Jan 18 - Mar 27, 2010

Tokyo (Narita) - Beijing

767 - 300ER

737 - 800

Tokyo (Haneda) - Hong Kong

777 - 200ER

767 - 300ER





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