• March 07, 2011

Japan Airlines Amends International Baggage Rule

JAL applies piece-system to every international route and increases free baggage allowance


TOKYO March 7, 2011: Japan Airlines (JAL) announced today, a change in its baggage rules for international flights. Up until now, depending on the routing, baggage provisions on JAL’s international flights were determined by either a weight system or a piece system. Effective onboard flights on and after April 1, 2011, JAL will simplify its baggage policy and adopt the piece system for every international route and increase the free baggage allowance to bring customers greater convenience.


Compared with the current piece system, free baggage allowance provided to First Class and Executive Class customers will also increase from two to 3 check-in pieces per traveller. Moreover, customers travelling in all cabin classes can now carry larger luggage as JAL has also raised the permissible total dimension (a sum of the length, width and height) of each piecewhich in the current piece system policy, is limited to within 158cm but will from April 1 be increased to 203cm.


*Note*When the itinerary includes flights operated by other airlines (including codeshare flights), JAL’s new baggage rule may not apply in some cases. 


(1)      Summary of change to free baggage allowance per traveler:

Cabin class


Piece System:

(Japan-North, Central and South America routes etc.)


Weight System:

(Japan-Europe, Asia, Oceania routes)

From April 1, 2011:

Piece system applied to all international routes *3

Total number of pieces permitted

Total max. weight permitted

Total number of pieces permitted


2 pieces *1
(max. weight/pc = 32kg)


3 pieces

(max. weight/pc = 32kg)


2 pieces *1
(max. Weight/pc = 32kg)


3 pieces

(max. weight/pc = 32kg)


2 pieces *1
(max. weight/pc = 23kg)


2 pieces

(max. weight/pc = 23kg)

(without seat)

1 piece *2

(max. weight/pc same as accompanying adult = 23kg or 32kg)


1 pieces

(max. weight/pc same as accompanying adult)

*1 Total dimension (a sum of the length, width and height) of each piece must be within 158cm

*2 Total dimension (a sum of the length, width and height) of each piece must be within 115cm

*3 Total dimension (a sum of the length, width and height) of each piece must be within 203cm

·          Fully collapsible strollers, carrying basket and car seat for infants will be accepted without charge

·          Amended baggage rules will apply to domestic sectors that have been issued on international tickets



(2)      Excess baggage and special baggage charge


Between Japan, Asia, India, Oceania and Hawaii, North America, Central and South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Between Japan and Asia, Guam, Oceania

Within Japan when itinerary involves international sectors*1

For every 1 excess piece

JPY 15,000 / USD150

JPY 10,000 / USD100

JPY 5,000/USD50

Excess weight per piece

More than 23kg, not exceeding 32kg

JPY 6,000 / USD60

JPY 6,000 / USD60

JPY 1,000 / USD10

More than 32 kg, not exceeding 45kg

JPY 45,000 / USD450

JPY 30,000 / USD300

JPY 15,000 / USD150

Total dimensions exceeding 203cm

JPY 15,000 / USD150

JPY 10,000 / USD100

JPY 5,000/USD50

Surfboarding/windsurfing equipment*2 (not included in free baggage allowance)

JPY 15,000 / USD150

JPY 10,000 / USD100

JPY 5,000/USD50

Pets per 1 cage (not included in free baggage allowance)

JPY 17,500 / USD175

JPY 12,500 / USD125

JPY 5,000 / USD50

*1: Consumer tax not included

*2: A maximum of 2 boards in a case permitted

·          A single piece of baggage exceeding 45kg will not be accepted.

·          For excess baggage payment made outside of Japan, rates in US dollars will be applied and converted to the local currency.

·          In cases that fall under more than one of the categories listed above, excess baggage charges from each category will be applied and added.

·          The maximum number of checked baggage permitted per traveler is 7 pieces in addition to the free baggage allowance of each class for all sectors except Manila; that is a maximum of 10 pieces for First and Executive class and 9 for Economy class. For flights to or from Manila, a maximum of 5 pieces per person is permitted, regardless of the class of travel.


For full details on baggage conditions, please visit http://www.jal.co.jp/en/other/info2011_0304baggage.html.




20110307 - JAL Amends Baggage Rule_FINAL.pdf


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