• April 04, 2019

JAL to Start Operating Airbus A350-900 on September 1, 2019

Featured on Tokyo Haneda = Fukuoka Route


JAL Group (JAL) today announced that the carrier`s Airbus A350-900 aircraft (hereinafter referred to as A350) will launch on September 1, 2019 from Tokyo Haneda to Fukuoka airport.1

The aircraft cabin (Domestic Configuration) will be comprised of three classes: JAL First Class, Class J and Economy Class. New ergonomically designed seats will be introduced and will offer personal screens and power outlets to welcome customers to a comfortable and well-equipped cabin experience.

The operation of the A350 aircraft can be verified on JAL`s website starting April 4, 2019. (15:00 – Japan Time) For additional information on the aircraft, please refer to JAL`s A350 aircraft commemorative website below:

JAL Airbus A350 Website: https://www.jal.co.jp/en/A350

The JAL Group will continue to embrace new challenges to deliver greater customer convenience and comfort, enhance its route network, and improve the quality of products and services.

JAL Airbus A350 – First Flight
1. Service Date: September 1, 2019 (Sunday)
2. Route: Tokyo Haneda=Fukuoka
    Gradually expand to Tokyo(Haneda)=Sapporo (New Chitose)/Okinawa(Naha)/Osaka(Itami) routes
3. First Flight:    [From Haneda]  JAL 317 Tokyo Haneda 12:10 – Fukuoka 14:00
                          [From Fukuoka] JAL 318 Fukuoka 15:00 – Tokyo Haneda 16: 40

Schedule of Operations.png
1 For more information on JAL`s Fleet Plan release, visit http://press.jal.co.jp/en/release/201901/005026.html
2 JL303 and JL306 will be operated with a Boeing 777-200 aircraft on September 1, 2019

Schedule and equipment may change without notice. Please check the timetable and/or website for the latest information. Updated information can be checked from the day before the flight.

Flights and schedules are subject to government approval.

JAL Special A350 Livery

JA01XJ.jpg1st Aircraft (JA01XJ)
A350 Logo - Red Symbolizes Challenge


2nd Aircraft (JA02XJ) 
A350 Logo - Silver Symbolizes Innovation

3rd Aircraft (JA03XJ)
A350 Logo - Green Symbolizes Eco


Cabin Interior Specifications

  1. Seating Capacity 
    Seat Count.png


  1. Seat Layout
    Aircraft Configuration Map.png

3. Cabin Interior Specification
- Cabin interior and all seats in JAL First Class, Class J and Economy Class are newly designed.
- Personal monitors will be installed in all seats which feature a wide range of inflight entertainment options, including the ability to view the outside of the aircraft through a built-in exterior camera.
- Power outlet and USB port will be equipped in all seats to meet the needs for various devices.
- Next generation JAL Inflight Wi-Fi service will be available.

Additional details for cabin specifications will be unveiled in June 2019.

About the Airbus A350 Aircraft
- Maiden flight made in June 2013 and entered service in 2014 as Airbus` widebody twin-engine aircraft
- A350-900/A350-1000 - 235 aircraft delivered (as of December 2018)
- Equipped with Rolls-Royce engines specifically developed for the A350 aircraft. Uses advanced composite materials on fuselage and wings to reduce weight, contributing to significant noise reduction/fuel cost improvement when compared to existing aircraft
- A350 is environmentally friendly and suppresses the emission of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide
- Optimized cabin pressure and equipped with large stowage bins in the cabin to improve capacity

Through the operation of the A350 aircraft, JAL Group aims to fulfill the targets outlined in the company`s Medium Term Management Plan - to actively contribute and tackle Global Sustainable Development Goals.

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