• June 20, 2019

JAL unveils Airbus A350-900 Cabin Interior

Bringing a new level of comfort to the skies of Japan


Japan Airlines (JAL) has taken delivery of the first Airbus A350-900 aircraft, registration number JA01XJ, in Toulouse, France on June 11, 2019.


According to the latest design, the A350 aircraft features a spacious cabin with high-capacity stowage bins and with low noise fuel efficient engines, the aircraft provides a quiet cabin environment. First Class, Class J and Economy Class have newly designed seats that are comfortable and functional, featuring personal monitors and electrical charging ports for all passengers. The design of the aircraft interior was inspired by the essence of Japanese art.

Passengers will have several entertainment programs available on their personal monitor, which includes award-winning blockbuster movies. Furthermore, the aircraft is equipped with an external camera for the passengers viewing pleasure.

JAL plans to expand its A350 fleet after its entry into service between Tokyo-Haneda and Fukuoka on September 1, bringing the benefits of the new experience to its valued customers.

The carrier looks forward to welcome passengers with a touch of Japanese hospitality on the all new Airbus A350 aircraft.

General Aircraft Information


Number of Seats

First Class

12 Seats

Class J

94 Seats

Economy Class

263 Seats


369 Seats

Configuration Image.png

※This aircraft features an alternate seating layout which can be utilized during peak travel seasons. Details will be announced at a later date.

Cabin Interior
The cabin was designed by tangerine, a UK based design firm. The design captures the Japanese essence of traditional beauty, infusing a sophisticated, high-quality visual experience.

The JAL logo, found on the interior of the aircraft, welcomes passengers as they board for a memorable journey. The First Class compartment has an exclusive 12-seat layout with a dark interior color and a pleated lighting design on the center forward wall. The interior for Class J and Economy Class use JAL’s corporate color and the overall design provides a feeling of serenity in a fresh cabin environment. The restrooms were designed in detail, resulting in a sophisticated look and feel. And, LED lighting enhances the A350 cabin environment with various options to adjust the mood of the cabin.

First Class Images.png

JAL`s New Japan Domestic Product Lineup
Introducing newly developed seats in every class, with a focus on functionality.

First Class
Seat Pitch:Approx. 135 cm (53 inch)
Seat Width:Approx. 51 cm (between armrests)
Personal Monitor:15.6 inch

- Designed by Japanese seat supplier, Jamco, the seat features sofa-like comfort with a soft seat cushion.
- Shell-shaped seats with center dividers providing privacy in each individual compartment.
- Power assisted adjustable seat with massage function.
- 15.6 inch personal monitor, largest for a Japan domestic aircraft. PC power outlet and USB port are also supported on the center console to charge devices onboard.
- A sophisticated and luxurious seat featuring high quality materials.

First Class Seat.png

  • First Class Seat2.png

  • First Class Seat3.png

  • First Class Seat4.png

Class J
Seat Pitch:Approx. 97 cm (38 inch)
Seat Width:Approx. 48 cm (between armrest)
Personal Monitor:11.6 inch

- RECARO, a Germany supplier, developed the seat with an adjustable leg rest that supports the calf
- Ample storage space, under the monitor and armrest
- Large cocktail tray and personal reading light
- PC power outlet located on the center console. USB port is also located under the personal monitor.

ClassJ Seat.png

  • ClassJ Seat2.png

  • ClassJ Seat3.png

  • ClassJ Seat4.png

Economy class
Seat Pitch:Approx. 79 cm (31 inch)
Seat Width:Approx. 41-44cm (between armrest)
Personal Monitor:10.0 inch

- RECARO, a German supplier, developed the seat with an adjustable headrest that supports the head firmly
- PC power outlet and USB port
- Cup holder, storage area, and jacket hook are equipped

Economy Seat.png

  • Economy Seat2.png

  • Economy Seat3.png

  • Economy Seat4.png

In-flight Entertainment on Personal Monitor
JAL will now feature personal monitors on domestic flights, produced by Panasonic Avionics Corporation, a US based supplier. Passengers can enjoy videos, as well as movies from the latest selection, such as Disney’s® Aladdin and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, planned for September 2019. By taking into account the time for short-haul domestic flights, a function to locate where you left off is also provided. The IFE will include 48 magazines titles, 28 audio channels and live TV.

The entertainment system supports 11 languages; Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Movies:2 Titles(September 2019:Disney’s® Aladdin, X-Men: Dark Phoenix
TV Programs :70 Channels
Live TV :2 Channels (Sports channel and more)
Audio :28 Channels
Magazine :48 Titles
Camera :2 Views(Front view and wing view)

Inflight Internet Service
JAL will continue to provide free inflight internet on domestic flights, provided by Panasonic Avionics Corporation. Internet will be available from the taxiing phase until arrival at the gate.

A350 Special web site
JAL has renewed its special A350 website, providing information relating to the A350’s entry into service. Please refer to following URL for details.

Airbus A350 special site URL:http://www.jal.co.jp/en/dom/A350


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