• June 30, 2020

Japan Airlines Announces Domestic Network Schedule between July 17-31

Since the government of Japan lifted domestic travel restrictions on June 19, a recovery of approximately 30% in travel demand has been seen on the carrier`s domestic network. Looking further ahead at the latter half of July, a recovery of 50% is expected for the JAL Group.

As a result, Japan Airlines today announced an updated domestic network plan between July 17-31, confirming that 66% of the carrier`s scheduled flights will be in operation during the specified period. In terms of major domestic destinations from Haneda airport, which includes New Chitose, Osaka Itami, Fukuoka and Okinawa Naha, the carrier looks to operate over 70% of its scheduled flights. With a strong focus on Okinawa Naha, JAL will offer 12 roundtrip flights per day, as well as extra flights on specific dates to the popular island destination.

Since the end of April, the JAL Group implemented a unique social distancing measure, in which middle seats were blocked to provide more space between each passenger. As of June 30, the carrier will terminate this procedure as new key measures against COVID-19 have since been implemented to provide our customers with a safe and secure travel experience.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but would like to ask for our customer`s understanding during this unprecedented time.

  • * Figures Include JAL Group Operated Flights (JAL, J-AIR, HAC, JTA, JAC, RAC)
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Summary on Reduction of Japan Domestic Services
Applicable Dates: July 17-31, 2020
Total Number of Flights: 4,437
For the full list of flights, refer to the attached document.

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